NCR Headquarter – Belgrade

Logstrup system Classic & System Electric PFC

Log Design took part in the construction of the of the NCR company’s campus in Block 42, in Milutina Milankovica street.

This is the American company`s second campus in the world. The first one is located in the US state of Atlanta. The estimate is that around 4,200 people will work there.

Of the total of 40,000 sqm across eight floors, NCR will take up around 30,000 sqm. The ground floor will feature retail space, and the two underground levels will contain garage spaces.

After tendering process, Interfast d.o.o. was chosen by general contractor, Starting d.o.o. for electrical works and deliveries.

Log Design awarded the contract with Interfast for PCCs (Power Control Centers) based on high demands predicted by design.

Two transformer substations were built at the basement floor, supported by two DG sets, in order to provide reliable power supply for state of art office spaces.

Transformer substations are 10/0.4kV, 1x1250kVA + 1x1600kVA, both and supported by DG sets with rated power of 1825kVA.

For the highest priority consumers uninterruptible power supply are provided via two UPS devices, 160kVA each.

Low voltage PCCs were predicted all according to SRPS IEC 61439-1&2 and arc control system acc. to IEC 61641.


  • Office building, Belgrade, Serbia


  • Logstrup system Omega
  • form of separation 3b
  • switchboards with front access
  • 12 withdrawable ACBs overall
  • 50 standard drawer units (WDU)
  • 58 mini drawer units (MDU)

Our work

  • 24 panels overall
  • 2 PCCs for mains power supply, 2000A, 65kA, 3b
  • 2 PCCs for mains / stand by power supply, 3200A, 65kA, 3b
  • 2 PCCs for UPS power supply, 800A, 50kA, 3b
  • 4 detuned PFC panels, 1.4 MVAr overall