FIAT Automobili Srbija

Logstrup system Classic

Logstrup system, type tested switchboards for the new production plant “Fiat automobili – Srbija” in Kragujevac, in transformer substations TST, TSS and TSG all of them 20/0.4 kV.


  • Transformer substation in “Fiat automobili – Srbija”, Kragujevac, Serbia
  • Transformer substations TST, TSS i TSG 20/0.4 kV


  • Logstrup system Classic
  • form of separation 4b type 7 acc. BS
  • switchboards with rear access
  • switchboards with protection devices: ACB, MCCB

Our work

  • Mains power supply switchboard, 3750A, 4b, 35 panels overall
  • DG power supply switchboard, 1600A, 3b, 17 panels overall