Logstrup system Classic & System Electric PFC

The construction of the secondary State Center for Data Management and Storage – Data Center, is a project of importance for the Republic of Serbia.

The data center will contribute to the smooth and reliable operation of e-government services, secure storage of data form registers, as well as the development of future services.

The data center, with a total area of 14,000 sqm, was built in a little less than a year and a half, and it will house the first state platform for artificial intelligence, which will be available to the state, local government, but also universities, scientific technology parks and startup companies.

Agreements on the commercial use of the Data Center have been signed with several domestic and foreign companies, including Huawei and IBM.

For reliable and safe data center operation, four transformer substations were built with stand by power supply supported by two outdoor DG sets.

Four transformer substations are built like in the mirror, two operational and two redundant, appropriately connected on the low voltage side.

Transformer substations are 35/10kV, 1×2500 kVA, supported by DG set 2000kVA, providing fully redundant power supply.

Log Design was a part of this challenging project, as supplier of LV PCCs (Power Control Centers) and PFCs (Power Factor Correction) systems. We were chosen from Rasina d.o.o. as preferable partner for LV part of transformer substations.


  • Data center, Kragujevac, Serbia


  • Logstrup system Omega
  • form of separation 4b, type 7 acc. BS
  • switchboards with rear access
  • WDU drawer units
  • 36 ACBs (Air Circuit Breakers)

Our work

  • 24 panels overall
  • 28 drawer units
  • 1.5 MVAr overall
  • 4 PCCs (Power Control Centers), 4000A, 80kA, 4b type 7, fully automated, 8 different switching scenarios (operating modes), fully prepared for SCADA
  • 4 automatic detuned PFC (Power Factor Correction) system, freestanding, 400 kVAr 2pcs, 350 kVAr 2pcs