Wind Farm “Čibuk 1”

Dolovo, Serbia

Winfarm „Čibuk 1“ will be built about 50 kilometers from Belgrade, in the municipality of Kovin, on the territory of Vojvodina. The wind farm will occupy a total area of 37km², in the town of Mramorak, and it will border with the towns of Vladimirovac, Devojački Bunar, Dolovo, and Bavanište. From the famous Deliblatska sands, the Čibuk wind farm will be just over a kilometer away.


  • Wind farm “ČIBUK 1“, Dolovo, Serbia
  • Investor: VETROELEKTRANE BALKANA d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia
  • Partner: CJR Renewables d.o.o. Beograd


  • Wind farm installed power: 158.4 MW
  • 57 wind turbines
  • Wind turbine type: General Electric GE 2.75-120

Our work

Construction design of:

  • Wind farm cable collector network (35 kV)
  • WF self consumption