Tekeli Campus

Tekeli, Kazakhstan

The University of Central Asia (UCA) is opening campuses at high altitude sites in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic (2016) and Khorog, Tajikistan (2017), and is preparing for construction in Tekeli, Kazakhstan. UCA’s campus in Tekeli, Kazakhstan is located in the Almaty region, 40 km from the regional capital Taldykorgan and is anticipated in 2021. Tekeli campus should be built as huge complex, consist from Dormitory building, Academic block building, Faculty apartments building and Student’s life building.


  • Tekeli Campus, Kazakhstan
  • Investor: UCA – University of Central Asia
  • Area: cca 20.000 sqm


  • 2 transformer substations 10/0.42 kV
  • 2x630kVA+2x1600kVA (4 transformers)
  • DG set: 200kVA+700kVA

Our work

Designing and modelling for Execution design:

  • Transformer substations (Siemens)
  • MV (10kV) & LV cable supply lines
  • LV design
    • Main MV and LV power supply –cables and cable trays
    • Lighting installations (Philips)
    • Small power installations
    • Lightning installations