Contract for LV & ELV design for the new Hospital in Čačak city

Log Design d.o.o. was the member of Consortium which awarded the contract for the new Hospital in Čačak city. Public tender was published by Serbian government. Looking forward for the new challenges…

Team building in Divčibare

After hard and successful year we had a nice chance to challenge our team spirit at Team building 2021 event at Divčibare mountain in December just before holidays.

We spent amazing three days with a lot of fun and enjoing the nature.

MCCs (Motor Control Centers) for TENT B thermal power plant desulphurization project

Log Design d.o.o. was signed the contract with Energotehnika Južna Bačka d.o.o. for MCCs (Logstrup Omega) delivery for Desulphurization project in TENT B thermal power plant. Our role is to design and perform complete engineering as well as MCCs design and delivery while EJB skilled and licensed staff will be engaged for assembling activities. Since the project is very well prepared from both parties, we are sure that end user will be very satisfied with final products.

Main LV distribution boards for MTU Maintenance Serbia d.o.o. facility

MTU Aero Engines is establishing a new repair facility in Nova Pazova. The plant will be set up for the repair of engine parts. The new site in Serbia offers flexibility and strengthens the company’s global competitiveness. Operations are scheduled to start by the end of 2022.

Log design d.o.o. awarded the contract for main LV distribution boards in two transformer substations dedicated for the new facility. Together with our partners, Siemens d.o.o. Belgrade, we have to deliver to EPC contractor Energogroup d.o.o. switchboards which meets the strict and demanding requirements from MTU rulebook.

Main LV distribution boards for National data center in Kragujevac – extension of National data center project

Satisfied client is the best recommendation for future projects. Our successful cooperation with Rasina
d.o.o. in the first phase of National DC project gives us pleasure to continue engagement in the second
phase. Based on previous experience from the first phase of development, we are sure that we will
satisfy all client’s requirements.

Contract for LV & ELV designing for Schneider Electric Data Center in Novi Sad

Log Design d.o.o. signed the contract with Zabriskie studio for LV & ELV designing for Schneider Electric
Data Center in Novi Sad. This challenging project is based on the reconstruction of the existing Užara hall
in Novkabel facility complex in Novi Sad. Whole team, leaded by Zabriskie studio will put their efforts in
order to design modern and reliable Data Center and comfortable office space upon LEED standards.

Log design d.o.o. proudly announce that we have achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certificates

Log Design proudly announce that we have achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certificates.

Our tendency to perform efficient management system within our company resulted with issuing of ISO certificates after hard work and controlling by ISOQAR representatives. Driven by ISOQAR representatives we have passed trough all strengths and weaknesses of our company.

In the future, we will give our the best to improve our management processes in line with the most common international standards.

Log design d.o.o. became an official Jean Mueller partner for Serbian market

Log Design signed an agreement with renowned German company JEAN MÜLLER GmbH. Company Jean Mueller provides the most advanced fuse technology technical solutions more than 120 years.

Jean Mueller is market leader in fuse technologies in German market and their sales department recognized Log Design d.o.o. as competent enough partner for Serbian market penetration.

Log Design will establish its own stock for Jean Mueller bestseller devices in order to provide better customer service.

Log design d.o.o. signed cooperation agreement with Chemgineering

At the beginning of April, Log Design d.o.o. and Chemgineering Technology GmbH signed an agreement for projects in pharmaceutical market segment. Chemgineering Technology GmbH together with their branch office in Belgrade is the company specialized for pharmaceutical industry. Log Design d.o.o. will be the subcontractor for LV & ELV designing.

Log design d.o.o. became an official Siemens partner

Log Design d.o.o. and Siemens d.o.o. Belgrade signed the partnership contract. Siemens is global market
leader in energy sector providing the new technologies and high end solutions which will be supported
by our outstanding engineering skills. Both parties expect a lot of successful and prestigious projects
from this partnership.

Log Design will establish its own stock for essential devices in order to provide better logistics and
reliable engineering solutions.