Radar station "Besna Kobila"

Vranje, Serbia

The project for the construction of a new radar station Besna Kobila is part of the strategy of the Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Control in the upcoming period and is carried out in order to permanently overcome the problems of air traffic control in the southeastern part of Serbia and the routes towards the airports in Sofia and Skopje.

Name of the project
  • Radar station Besna kobila, Vranje, Serbia
  • Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services (SMATSA), Belgrade, Serbia
Building area
  • 976 sqm
  • Studio Architonic d.o.o., Belgade, Serbia
  • Preliminary design, Detailed Design, Construction design of LV & ELV electrical installations, as well as transformer substation design. Challenging design with very high demands for power supply reliability, remote controlling and supervising.