Our partners

Behind every successful organisation, there are reliable and loyal partners, whose experience, technical and commercial achievements, and permanent development enhance its market presence and competence.

Log design is a distributor of Danish type-tested LV assemblies manufacturer Logstrup. Logstrup systems are type-tested LV switchboards according to IEC 61439-1&2 up to 8500 amps. The main advantage of Logstrup systems is flexibility in terms of free selection of LV devices which should be installed in MCC/PCC (Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens). Logstrup switchboards are type tested with all well-known LV devices manufacturers: Schneider Electric, ABB & Siemens.

Logstrup was created in the vicinity Copenhagen, Denmark in 1958 as a result of high demand for modular LV switchgears and controlgear assemblies. The ideas of the company founder, Mr Jørgen Logstrup, received a warm welcome in the local market and a successful business story began.

Over time, privately-owned Logstrup evolved from a local partner into a global company with production facilities in four countries and partners in 60 countries across the globe. Despite its business expansion, Logstrup has remained a family company focused on its original production portfolio. Logstrup owes its success in the global market primarily to constant technical innovation and advancement, and dedication to its clients and partners.

Classic and Omega modular systems, which are definitely market leaders in terms of technical solutions and flexibility, are the backbone of the Logstrup production portfolio.


In addition to partnering with Logstrup, Log design is a distributor of reactive power compensation systems of the renowned German company System Electric GmbH. SYSTEM ELECTRIC stands for innovative, easy-to-install system solutions for power factor correction and quality improvement of the electrical grid

System Electric Power Quality GmbH was established in Linsengericht near Frankfurt in 1975 and very quickly became known and recognised as a reliable partner in the field of Power Factor Correction – PFC and electrical energy quality improvement.

Its sole orientation to projects and solving various electrical energy quality problems have resulted in numerous references in most diverse cases of application in all areas of energy distribution and industry.