BIM Consultancy

The accumulated experience during five years of working in the BIM environment and adapting the classic design method to the concept of a completely new technology, gives us a wide range of opportunities in the field of consulting services.

Every customer involved in the designing of electrical installations can expect from our team a tailor made solution that will fully meet his expectations and facilitate the implementation of Revit software in his existing work processes and procedures.

In addition to the tailor made solution for each client, we are also able to offer the following standard consulting services:

  • Basic training in electrical installation design at Revit (training plan in section Download)
  • Advanced Electrical Installation Design Training at Revit (training plan in section Download)
  • Consultation and cooperation in the preparation and development phase of a specific project in Revit
  • Creating templates and family packages while meeting the client's specific requirements

Given the need for interactive communication in this sensitive area, we kindly ask you to contact us for any questions and concerns.